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Tonny Scott, Thomas Fuk and Nikol Monak in “The Catch” from Kristen Bjorn

Kristen Bjorn released “The Catch” today. Thomas Fuk and Nikol Monak are travelling across Europe for the summer and are looking for some hot action, Tonny Scott is in their sites and becomes The Catch. The guys return to Thomas and Nikol’s hotel and make sure that Tonny is the center of attention. Thomas and Nikol slowly strip Tonny of his clothes and begin to explore his body with their hands and sex starved eyes.

Tonny sits on the edge of the bed as he is flanked on both sides by two incredibly elongated cocks demanding attention. He begins with Thomas and works his way over to Nikol as he pleasures both cocks with his hungry mouth and deep throat. Thomas and Nikol are patient awaiting their turn getting their cocks sucked by Tonny, but that doesn’t last long as both begin to shove their cocks into Tonny’s ravenous mouth.

Tonny expertly accommodates both cocks as they vie for his attention. Changing up positions, Thomas stands on the bed as Nikol begins sucking his cock and Tonny jumps on Nikol’s cock, taking the long shaft as deep into his throat as he is able. Nikol and Tomas are too hungry and eager to get at Tonny’s hot ass and bend him over the bed as Nikol shoves his enormous cock into his furry ass. Thomas has grown inpatient and moves to the front of the link and rams his cock into Tonny’s wet ass.

The guys go back and forth fucking Tonny before they flip him onto the bed and Nikol gives up his ass to Thomas and devours Tonny’s straining cock. Thomas and Tonny pick up the pace and begin to aggressively fuck Nikol’s mouth and ass. The increased rhythm sets off a firestorm of flying cum as Tonny drenches Nikol’s chest with his hot load, while Thomas showers Nikol’s balls with his creamy load, which triggers Nikol to blast his huge load all over the bed. Tonny turns out to be the catch that launches a lot of cum.

Watch the full scene of “The Catch” at Kristen Bjorn


Watch the full scene with Tonny Scott, Thomas Fuk and Nikol Monak at Kristen Bjorn


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