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Mateo Vice , Theo Brady and Vinny Blackwood in “Three’s A Party” from Guys in Sweatpants

Guys in Sweatpants released “Three’s A Party” today. Hey guys, Theo Brady here! Vinny Blackwood is the new kid on the block so we took a few minutes to get to know him before ripping each others clothes off and swallowing some cocks. I was in the mood to bottom this day, and I love me some foreskin, so I made sure both of uncut boys fucked me good!

At one point, we even did a vertical sandwich fuck, which was super hot! These guys definitely know how to fuck a boy good! The end was by far my favorite though since I got to sit on Mateo Vice‘s face as I came and watch Vinny fuck Mateo’s load out of him!

Watch the full scene of “Three’s A Party” at Guys in Sweatpants


Watch the full scene with Mateo Vice , Theo Brady and Vinny Blackwood at Guys in Sweatpants


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