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Rego Bello, Julian Knowles and Ray Diesel in “Did You See That Ass” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios released “Did You See That Ass” today. Ray Diesel and Rego Bello are back in the locker room after their workout and discussing the ass of Julian Knowles who was working out as well. Just then Julian walks into the locker room and they all start some small talk. That leads into Julian recognizing they were checking him out and he turns to show them his big bubble ass.

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With that, Ray and Rego start making out and groping Julian who is in heaven between these two beautiful men. Ray immediately starts rimming Julian’s ass while Rego feeds him his cock. Rego and Ray then switch places rimming that big ass. Julian then drops to his knees and sucks both cocks back and forth and the heat is on! Rego warms up Julian’s ass first by fucking him against the lockers and then face down on the bench. Ray then has his turn as Julian starts out riding his big cock and then Ray flips him on his back and fucks him hard and deep. They all explode with intense orgasms.

Watch the full scene of “Did You See That Ass” at Pride Studios


Watch the full scene with Rego Bello, Julian Knowles and Ray Diesel at Pride Studios


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