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Myles Landon and Alex Chandler in “My Sexy Swim Coach” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios released “My Sexy Swim Coach” today. Alex Chandler and Coach Myles Landon are in the back practicing for the next swim meet. Coach has Alex doing some laps in the pool before they head back into the house. Coach is busy writing when Alex comes in but now Alex seems preoccupied with something on his mind. Alex is embarrassed to tell coach what it is but Coach eases him into it and finally Alex comes clean. Alex tells Coach that every time he sees him he gets a boner and so he drops his shorts to reveal it to Coach. Myles sees his cock and instantly pulls his fat dick out and Alex drops to his knees and begins to worship his fat big cock.

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He gags on it balls deep and plays with the foreskin until Coach sits Alex in the chair and starts to suck on his sexy hard dick. Coach bends him over and gets his ass nice and wet with his tongue. Coach rubs his cock on Alex’s eager hole and slowly pushes his thick cock in balls deep. Alex moans with pleasure as Coach starts to thrust hard and deep pulling his cock out and pushing it back in. Alex loves the feeling of finally having his Coach fuck him. Myles fucks Alex all over the living room and finally has Alex cum all over himself while lying on his back. Coach rolls over on to his side and blows his creamy load.

Watch the full scene of “My Sexy Swim Coach” at Pride Studios


Watch the full scene with Myles Landon and Alex Chandler at Pride Studios


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog January 23, 2018

    No turning back, pushing through!

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