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Mormon Boyz : Elder Land chapter 7 & Elder Lund chapter 4

Mormon Boyz released two new and hot scenes today. We continue with Elder Lund : Elder Lund walked away from a meeting at the temple with President Ballard in shock. How had he come to be in this position? How is it that he had just cum from the president’s hand? We also follow up on the story of Elder Land : Meeting with President Faust shook Elder Land to his core. Not only was he confronted once again with the sexual attraction he’d been previously fought so hard to avoid, but he experienced a level of submission that he’d never even thought about.

Elder Land Chp 7 :Atonement
Elder Land would do anything for President Faust and the men of the Order. Despite his efforts, he’s can’t stop thinking about being back in their powerful, dominant hands. President Faust has become uniquely infatuated with his submission, and is eager to push the limits of his body and his obedience.


Watch the full scene with Elder Land, President Faust and Bishop Gibson at Mormon Boyz


Elder Lund Chp 4: Inittiation
Elder Lund is still unsure what to expect from the men of the Brethren, but he’s finding that he’s enjoying being the center of their attention more and more. President Ballard initiates the young boy by anointing him from head to toe. The sensual massage continues as he presses his mouth in the anxious missionary’s hole and rims him passionately and insatiably.


Watch the full scene with Elder Lund and President Ballard at Mormon Boyz


  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog November 14, 2017

    Elder Lund joins the fold!

  2. LoveMen123
    LoveMen123 November 15, 2017

    Oh Lord Lordy Lord!

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