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Scott clearly enjoys pounding Rocke Rathburn’s Straight hole at Raw Castings

Raw Castings has a new hot guy for you today . He’s no stranger to the ring, but boxer Rocke Rathburne skips the Strip to prove he’s a lover not a fighter when it comes to sex. Well, more of a lover. He’s rough with the ladies, likes to be in control, and looking to loosen up a little for his first audition. You won’t ordinarily see Rocke blowing a guy, so it helps to flash the prize fighter some cash.

Still, this grower doesn’t start showing until he’s got Scott Demarco‘s fat cock in his mouth. Rocke is game for his audition, all business, never stops sucking. Scott clearly enjoys pounding this champ’s straight, hairy hole. Rocke doesn’t like to lose. Good thing, too, because in gay porn everyone wins.

Watch Rocke Rathburne and Scott at Raw Castings

Watch Rocke Rathburne and Scott at Raw Castings


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog October 27, 2016

    Gotta admit Mike Rathburne and Scott steamed the room up!

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