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Hot hunk Levi Karter gets a DP from JJ Knight and Justin Matthews at CockyBoys

As far as JJ Knight is concerned three is the perfect number, especially if it involves Levi Karter & Justin Matthews, two guys he’s long wanted to have scenes with. So, CockyBoys makes it happen, with the guys adding some DP action into the mix. At first it’s just JJ & Levi making out while Justin sits behind them stroking his cock watching the show.

His gaze is locked on that of JJ who loves being watched, but also wants to watch. So he sends Levi over to suck Justin while he watches. Levi turns on both guys to the max as he proceeds to deep throat Justin who in turn watches JJ stroke his monster cock. Within minutes Levi is going back and forth sucking both guys and on his knees almost sucking them two at a time!

With little effort JJ moves Levi to devote all his oral attention on Justin’s cock while JJ works over Levi’s hole with his mouth and hands. Soon JJ stuffs his cock and Levi is spit-roasted and he takes it all even as he’s fucked with only one leg on the ground. It’s JJ who needs a little break while Levi is ready to ride his cock. As he does Justin stays mobile, getting sucked by JJ at one end and then bounding to the front to suck Levi and get sucked back. Once again though it’s Levi who suggests the next move: he wants two cocks at the same time!

The girth of JJ Knight could categorize this as a triple-penetration but whatever you call it Levi expertly takes both JJ & Justin deep. Even when they shift positions Levi keeps it going with no trouble. The guys are on the edge now so when they move to the bed and JJ & Justin switch places in spit-roasting Levi on his back they almost cum at once. JJ pulls out to give Levi a facial and within seconds Levi shoots his load followed by Justin rocketing his cum over Levi’s chest. The spent guys share some final kisses but a lasting connection.

Watch the full scene with JJ Knight, Justin Matthews and Levi Karter at CockyBoys


Watch the full scene with JJ Knight, Justin Matthews and Levi Karter at CockyBoys


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