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Kelly Evans play’s and licks Jerome’s hole in a new “Serviced” from Chaosmen

Chaosmen released a new “Serviced” today. Another scorching hot massage table Serviced video! Jerome has done one previous massage themed video, but he was on the table and not doing the actua1ly ‘massage.’ He totally takes charge during other videos, and I was certain he would be into rubbing Kelly Evans. Kelly got on the table, and then Jerome slicks up his hot body. We even get some foot massage and nibbling. Jerome snakes Kelly’s cock out from underneath and starts stroking him until he is fully hard.

Unable to keep a super hard cock in that backward position, Jerome lifts him into a doggie-style position so he could stroke and rim Kelly. At times, Jerome’s cock would get hard, so he oiled up his shorts so we could see his cock through his shorts. After flipping Kelly on his back, Kelly’s hands went right for Jerome’s cock, rubbing him through his gym shorts.

Jerome dabs the precum from Kelly’s cock with his mouth, making a strand of slick juice from his lips to Kelly’s cockhead. After the taste treat, Jerome then dives and starts working Kelly’s dick like a pro. Kelly does get a chance to suck back too, his neck craning so that Jerome could fuck his face. Jerome climbs on top, and jousts their cocks together. For the end, we knew that Kelly would have to have his face in an ass to drive him over the top. Jerome strokes Kelly’s cock while sitting on his face.

Kelly play’s and licks Jerome’s hole, getting closer and closer to cumming. Jerome does a great job with his left hand, and with a few verbal hints from Kelly, Jerome makes him blast a load from his cannon. It is VERY intense! Kelly is trapped underneath Jerome’s body, and can’t escape the teasing of his head once he has ejaculated. Jerome flips around and shoves his cock in Kelly’s face and milks a nice load into Kelly’s mouth, filling him to the brim. Before Kelly can even swallow, Jerome is kissing him, sharing his load between the two of them!

Watch the full scene of “Serviced” at Chaosmen


Watch the full scene with Jerome and Kelly Evans at Chaosmen


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