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Joaquin Santana, Dylan James and Geordie Jackson in Take it Boy” at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment released “Take it Boy” part 2. The polite and boyish Joaquin Santana has a leanly muscled twink body totally free of tattoos. But his tastes in partners are totally the opposite. He likes rugged macho-fuckers who are covered in tattoos and love working out. He also prefers it when these men are not shy about treating bottoms like sex objects and not people. It’s a perfect scenario for Geordie Jackson and Dylan James, who meet all the checkmarks. Can Joaquin handle two tattooed muscle-tops ready to show him a rough time? Watch to find out!

Watch the full scene of “Take it Boy” part 2 at Lucas Entertainment


Watch the full scene with Joaquin Santana, Dylan James and Geordie Jackson at Lucas Entertainment


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