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New guy JJ Smitts really likes having Wren’s big dick inside him at Chaosmen

Chaosmen released a new scene today. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from JJ Smitts. He seemed cavalier about sex with guys, saying he had done it all. But when he submitted his profile to me, he said he was Top only. Perhaps he was hedging his limits before fully committing to doing a scene with ChaosMen. And he sure is excited about playing with the ChaosMen guys.

He has friends that are on the look-out for his scenes, and he is eager to keep coming back and doing more. And this video certainly shows that we need more of him! He totally commits to this sex scene. Pushing as many limits as possible. He even sat on Wren‘s ever-growing cock. I swear it is getting bigger with each shoot!

JJ seemed to really like having Wren’s dick inside him and even had to slow down or risk nutting. He is also a skilled Top. Wren has always been a great bottom, and JJ really gives it to him. Actually, I have to give thanks to Wren who truly made this shoot go so passionately. Had I paired JJ with someone else for his first time, I don’t think we would have seen such amazing chemistry.

Watch the full scene with JJ Smitts and Wren at Chaosmen


Watch the full scene with JJ Smitts and Wren at Chaosmen


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