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Taylor Reign gives JJ Knight an extra boost of pleasure in the new CockyBoys : Fans Only!

For their first time pairing Taylor Reign and JJ Knight make it extra special as a CockyBoys : Fans Only! scene: intimate and condomless! No need for those pesky clothes either! They’re naked and hard as they make out and when Taylor goes down on JJ he can already taste his pre-cum. Taylor takes in JJ’s ginormous cock as deep as he can but really goes into full-on deep throating when he switches to a 69 position and JJ eats his ass.

Before they start fucking Taylor lubes up a Fleshjack Quickshot™ to give JJ an extra boost of pleasure and make his cock as big and hard as possible. Then Taylor slides his hole on his shaft and rides him, and without even touching his own cock it sticks up fully hard cock especially as JJ thrusts up into him.

They switch positions so they can kiss as Taylor rides JJ but this is just a detour on the road to power topping. Leaning forward JJ takes charge and gets Taylor into a pile driver variation and soon after shifts sideways. He thrusts into Taylor relentlessly and thoughtfully determined to bring him to orgasm. JJ succeeds as a thick load spurts out of Taylor and he doesn’t quit until the moaning bottom has milked out every drop.

JJ picks up the pace again, pulling out just in time to cream over Taylor’s cock & balls. And he prolongs his orgasm by sliding back in to Taylor for more deep thrusts. They don’t have to say a word as they kiss. It’s understood how hot & satisfying this was.

Watch the full scene with Taylor Reign and JJ Knight at CockyBoys


Watch the full scene with Taylor Reign and JJ Knight at CockyBoys


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