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Dreams come true when Grayson Lange wakes up in Alex Mecum’s muscular arms at CockyBoys

It’s a CockyBoys fantasy come true for Grayson Lange to wake up in the muscular arms of tenderly affectionate Alex Mecum. But, Grayson makes things more exciting for both of them with some light bondage! When his ankles and wrists are tied to the bed an excited Alex’s cock is throbbing & bouncing and Grayson licks and sucks the mushroom head cock. AND, he adds the element of sensory deprivation by blindfolding the helpless hairy muscle man while enjoying his body.

Alex wants to eat Grayson’s ass but Grayson makes him beg before he sits on his face and leans forward to resume sucking Alex’s cock. As Alex’s tongue drives him wild Grayson reciprocates with increased pleasure-giving fellatio. Grayson adds a little more kink by using extra rope to bind his cock & balls as he sucks him AND he slips on a leather glove and runs that hand over Alex’s sensitive body.

Finally, after this intense foreplay Grayson unties the ropes from the bed and removes the blindfold as he sits on Alex’s cock. As Grayson rides his cock Alex sucks him and soon he’s back in control and on top, literally. He flips Grayson on his belly and penetrates him deep, before moving him to the side and on his back.

Alex plunges into Grayson with passionate force, making the bed creak from the sexual energy generated. Alex’s cock hits the mark and makes Grayson blast a big load over himself shortly before Alex pulls out a erupts in an even bigger load over Grayson’s abs. And for good measure Alex scoops up the warm loads to feed a morning protein shot to a eager Grayson. What a way to start the day!

Watch the full scene with Alex Mecum and Grayson Lange at CockyBoys


Watch the full scene with Alex Mecum and Grayson Lange at CockyBoys


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