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Javier Cruz and Gaberial Isaacs in “Don’t Tell Anyone About This” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios released “Don’t Tell Anyone About This” today. Javier Cruz and Gaberial Isaacs are teammates and they are back in the locker room hanging out. Gaberial asks Javier if he is going to come to the big party over the weekend and that there will be lots of hot girls there. Javier tells him no and Gaberial gets pushy with him because he never wants to come hang out with the guys. That’s when Javier tells him that he is gay and prefers guys.

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Curious, Gaberial asks him what he does with guys that are different than girls and Javier offer to show him. Javier starts out kissing his buddy and soon has his cock in his mouth. Based on the reaction, it is obvious that Gaberiel is enjoying his first gay experience. Gaberiel then sucks Javier for a while before Javier tells him he wants to be fucked. He fucks Javier in several positions on the bench until Javier cannot hold back and he shoots a big load of cum all over himself. Gaberial then shoots his load and tells Javier that he cannot tell anyone about this.

Watch the full scene of “Don’t Tell Anyone About This” at Pride Studios


Watch the full scene with Javier Cruz and Gaberial Isaacs at Pride Studios


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