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Family Dick : Kissing Cousins Chapter 3 – Drawing Straws

Family Dick released chapter 3 of “Kissing Cousins : Drawing Straws” today. It can be difficult having to share a bed with your cousin, especially when you’re desperate to jerk off. Not wanting to wake up his cousin, he slips into his step dad’s room to find him sleeping naked… as he always does. Slipping into bed, his horny daddy notices his rock-hard cock and knows the boy needs a good hard fuck.

The young boy sucks his daddy’s cock while the bearded man devours his tight, smooth hole, all before slipping his huge dick deep inside. Forgetting his sleeping nephew in the next room, Jacob pounds his boy’s hole, waking the young man. The curious cousin walks in to find his cousin and uncle fucking hard and eagerly joins in!


Watch the full scene of “Kissing Cousins : Drawing Straws” at Family Dick


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