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Debt Dandy #248 : His girlfriend would break up with him if she ever found out

Debt Dandy #248 : This boy had probably the stupidest reason to borrow money I had ever heard. He told me he had a dream some time ago in which he won money by betting on 0. He thought it was a sign and the dream would come true. Our boy worked at a casino so it wasn’t that difficult to borrow 20 000 from a colleague and try his luck.

To his surprise, he lost all the money. Now he needed 20 000 or he would lose his job. His girlfriend would break up with him and kick him on the street if she ever found out about it. He loved her but she had to be a real bitch. Well, females can be hard to live with. The boy had barely any sex because she was tired from work all the time. Instead of fucking he worked on his body at the gym. The best fuck in a month!


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