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Aspen and Dustin Steele in “The Taste Of Defeat” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios released “The Taste Of Defeat” today. Aspen and Dustin Steele have come outside where Aspen has a training tire in the parking lot. The challenge is to see who can flip the tire the fastest and whoever wins gets to fuck the other. Dustin looses the challenge and when they both get back to the locker room and Dustin starts sucking Aspens big cock, Aspen tells him it is the ‘Taste of Defeat.

Aspen then sucks Dustin’s hard cock for a while before turning the attention to his ass and he rims him. He fucks Dustin doggy style bent over the bench to start and then puts Dustin on his back and fucks the cum out of him before pulling out and shooting his load on Dustin.


Watch the full scene with Aspen and Dustin Steele at Pride Studios


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