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Hector de Silva gives Andy Star lessons in suitsex in “Mentor” from Men at Play

Men at Play released “Mentor” today. We all need a little help from time to time. A friend or coworker can offer great advice and boost your confidence. This is what mentors are for. And if you’re mentor happens to be either Hector de Silva or Andy Star, get ready to learn some new tricks for the bedroom. Hector De Silva has an important speech to give but just can’t seem to find the right words. But after Andy Star gives him a pep talk, Hector’s confidence isn’t the only thing that rises.

Super-cute in glasses and sporting an eye-catching orange tie, Andy is hard to resist. So is Hector, who gives Andy lessons in suitsex by hiking his taut ass in the air, spitting in his hole, and using it over and over. Mentor proves that no matter how experienced you are in the bedroom, there’s always something more to learn. Watch it and prepare to press rewind when you see Hector and Andy’s explosive cumshots!

Watch the full scene of “Mentor” at Men at Play


Watch the full scene with Hector De Silva and Andy Star at Men at Play


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