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TimTales : Alex Roman and Cedric Dreamer fucked for hours and hours straight

TimTales : Do you guys know Tim works tirelessly to find you the biggest cocks on Earth? Well, this Friday he found you a sexy macho French top with a never-ending cock! Cedric Dreamer lives in Paris and freaking loves twinks… and twinks love his cock. It’s long, thick and perfect for their raw holes. When we asked Cedric which model he wanted to shoot with.

The told us he had a total crush on our Exclusive Alex Roman. And for a reason! Alex is quite infamous now. Long story short, they fucked for hours and hours. Cedric couldn’t get enough of Alex’ delicious raw hole. He made love to him for 4 hours straight. It’s a steamy passionate scene; just the way we like it


Watch the full scene with Alex Roman and Cedric Dreamer at TimTales


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