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Young Perps Case No.1808042-94 : The guy bitches and moans as he struggles to take the big cock

Young Perps released ‘Case No.1808042-94’ today. This YoungPerps episode features a bearded young vandal who was fucked rough, hard, and raw after he was caught spray painting the security cameras in the mall so that his friends could steal merchandise. It was too late to catch the friends or recover the stolen property, but not too late to teach the vandal a lesson.

The guard blackmails the straight dude into getting fucked bareback, and the guy bitches and moans as he struggles to take his first cock. It hurts, and the boy begs the mall cop to cum already. The older pervert shoots a thick load all over the suspect’s handsome face, before shoving his gooey cock back in the boy’s and forcing him to cum.

Watch the full scene of ‘Case No.1808042-94’ at Young Perps


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