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Thomas Fuk and Tomas Friedel fuck Leonardo Lucatto in “Manhandled” from Kristen Bjorn

Kristen Bjorn released “Manhandled” today. Tomas Friedel and Thomas Fuk have been watching Leonardo Lucatto at the club, he has been partying very hard and is showing signs of being very horny. So, Tomas and Thomas approach Leonardo and convince him to head back to their apartment with them. The guys begin to manhandle Leonardo and his mind set is only able to focus on pleasure.

The guys pass Leonardo back and forth between each other with aggressive kissing as he is stripped of his clothes. Leonardo is forced to his knees as the two muscle hunks unleash their hard, pulsating cocks. With Leonardo already on his knees the Tomas’ begin to face fuck him wildly and Leonardo is so high on all the excitement that he lets himself go with the flow. At first the guys tag team his mouth, then gang up on his mouth and force both of their heaving cocks in his mouth at the same time.

Leonardo is then literally flipped onto the bed and onto his shoulders with his ass in the air. Thomas begins to massage his ass with his cock and Tomas moves in to suck Thomas cock and eat Leonardo’s smooth pink hole. Being flipped onto all 4’s, Leonardo is then fed Thomas cock from both ends. Tomas pumps his cock in and out of his hot ass as Thomas fucks his mouth with his steel rod.

The guys switch things up and now Leonardo is on top of Thomas’s cock riding him deep and hard as the other Tomas fucks his mouth. Thomas and Tomas continue with their barrage of fucking, whether in the mouth or ass that Leonardo has entered the level of pleasure overload. At this point Leonardo has crossed the threshold and his cock erupts its huge load of cum all over his thighs. Thomas’s cock is triggered by the vice grip of Leonardo’s ass muscles and shoots his thick load of cum. Leonardo mounts Thomas’s throbbing cock while Tomas sprays his hot load all over Leonardo’s furry chest.

Watch the full scene of “Manhandled” at Kristen Bjorn


Watch the full scene with Tomas Friedel, Thomas Fuk and Leonardo Lucatto at Kristen Bjorn


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