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Skyy Knox gets a belly rub and his ass patted by Trenton Ducati in ‘Skuff: Dog House’ from Hot House

Welcome to the world of ‘Skuff: Dog House’, where puppies please their masters and the reward for good behavior is always a nice fat dick. Sit back and watch director Nick Foxx’s latest as the pups of Hot House sniff bulging crotches, gnaw on big fat bones, and get their asses humped doggy style! Trenton Ducati is training puppy Skyy Knox in the yard and when Skyy carries out every command perfectly, he’s rewarded with Trenton’s big curvy cock planted firmly in his tight ass.

cast : Gabriel CrossMichael RomanJake Ashford, Beaux Banksaustin-wolfDanny GunnJason VarioSeth SantoroSkyy Knox and Trenton Ducati

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Trenton Ducati is an incredible puppy trainer and when he gets Skyy Knox on his leash, Skyy will do anything to make his master happy. With a reward of recognition for being a good boy with every proper command carried out, from sitting to fetching, Skyy gets his belly rubbed and his ass patted. Skyy knows he’s been a good puppy when Trenton moves from thumping his butt to rimming his smooth hole. Once Trenton is sure that Skyy is opened and lubed up he commands Skyy to suck his cock. Skyy once again pleases his master by slobbering all over the massive throbbing dick….

What you can expect in the upcomming update from “Skuff: Dog House”

As with everything pups do, they know there will be a reward and this time Skyy’s reward for a proper dick sucking is Trenton planted balls deep firmly in his ass. Skyy assumes the position and lets Trenton pump away as the puppy pants and begs for more. The pup’s warm hole feels amazing and Trenton works himself to the brink before he pulls out and gives Skyy the ultimate reward with a face and mouth full of cum. Skyy laps it all up as his trainer gives him permission to let loose. Happy to have their release, the two studs roll around in the grass and share Trenton’s jizz by licking each other clean.

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Watch the full scene with Trenton Ducati and Skyy Knox at Hot House



  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog October 26, 2017

    Fucking hot breeding!

  2. LoveMen123
    LoveMen123 October 26, 2017

    Oh yes Skyy…so hot!!

  3. Dennis010
    Dennis010 October 27, 2017

    This looks very hot!

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