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Hot skater boy with a fat nine incher and a sexy daddy fuck at Deviant Otter

Deviant Otter released “RAW Sexploitation” today. I’m always so thrilled when guys break out of their comfort zone and let me film their hookup. I had been
chatting with this daddy-type guy for a while (who reminds me of my real father, woof) but have never been able to meet. Well, the other day I was looking for some guys to show off with and he said that he would be game so I finally got to go over to his place.

He mentioned that his buddy would be there, but I didn’t see any of his pics so I had no idea what to expect. Score for me, he was tatted skater boy with a fat nine incher. Long story short, me and dad talked him into letting me show his face, and I’m so glad he did because he looks like he wanted to punch me the entire time and I was in complete ecstasy

Watch the full scene at Deviant Otter

Watch the full scene at Deviant Otter


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