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Mormon Boyz : Elder Addison Chapters 1 & 2 – The Interview / The Calling

Mormon Boyz released “Elder Addison : Chapter 1 – The Interview” and “Chapter 2 – The Calling” today. This week newcomer, Elder Addison, gets his first taste of the Order’s secret, sexy ways as he meets with the handsome and intimidating President Ballard. As one journey is completed, another one just begins. Elder Addison meets with the muscular President Lee to receive his calling and be brought into the Order, starting on his path toward ordination

Elder Addison Ch 1: The Interview
Elder Addison can barely look at President Ballard when he’s questioned. The young missionary knows what he did with his companion was wrong and that the consequences can be dire. Same-sex attraction can get you kicked out or worse! He also knows that lying is no option either. Ballard stares him down, making him tremble in his seat before giving him the chance to prove his worthiness. Everything falls apart when the boy is stripped down and his cock is unexpectedly hard as a rock! Ballard loves seeing the boy’s terrified arousal and decides to really test his attractions, leading to the handsome older man fondling and sucking the hung virgin missionary as he moans in twisted pleasure!

Watch the full scene with Elder Addison and President Ballard at Mormon Boyz

Elder Addison Ch 2: The Calling
Elder Addison is curious about what happened between President Ballard and himself after having been told vague details about a mysterious, secret, fraternal order. As his mind races with questions, he is asked to meet with the muscular and handsome President Lee. He’s told that to in order to have his questions answered, he must stay obedient and submissive. The nervous, virgin teen does as he’s instructed, even as the older man strips him down and touches him all over. His attraction to the older man and his own erection escape his control, making him hungry for more of the muscle daddy’s cock and cum!

Watch the full sene with Elder Addison and President Lee at Mormon Boyz


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