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Mike Tanner and Pierce Paris in “Fistin Alley” part 2 from Club Inferno Dungeon

Club Inferno Dungeon released part 2 from “Fistin Alley” today. Pierce Paris is in the middle of fisting Mike Tanner in a dark alley. He’s already wrist deep inside the hungry daddy’s asshole when he starts twisting his hand and plunging as deep as he possibly can. Mike begs for more as Pierce talks dirty and stretches Mike’s hole to its absolute limits.

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Pierce switches hands to give the stranger in the alley a little more variety and just as he’s getting wrist deep again, Mike flips over onto his back with the fist still inside. All the hole stretching gets Pierce hard and ready to blow. ‘Are you ready for that load?’ Pierce asks as he pulls his fist out and starts jacking his swollen rod. ‘Give it to me,’ Mike begs as Pierce walks over to his face. Mike opens his mouth wide and Pierce unleashes his load onto Mike’s tongue, making sure to feed the hungry pig every last drop.

Watch the full scene of “Fistin Alley” part 2 at Club Inferno Dungeon


Watch the full scene with Mike Tanner and Pierce Paris at Club Inferno Dungeon


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog January 11, 2018

    Pierce Paris double fisting Mike Tanner! Fucking A!

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