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Mike Tanner and Pierce Paris in “Fistin Alley” part 1 from Club Inferno Dungeon

Club Inferno Dungeon released part 1 from “Fistin Alley” today. Mike Tanner is in a dark alley, horned up and waiting for the right man to come along and help him out. He’s excited to see ripped hunk Pierce Paris show up with his thick fists and fat cock. Mike beckons Pierce over to his corner of the alley and wastes no time with pesky foreplay as he offers up his eager ass. Pierce takes the bait and soon Mike is out of his jeans and bent over clutching the dingy brick wall. Pierce knows what he needs and gets on his knees to eat Mike’s fuzzy hole.

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All the licking makes Pierce horny for something up his own ass and he rips off his pants to bend over and offer up his own tight asshole. Mike gets the hint and drills in deep with his tongue to please the horny stranger. Although Pierce’s hole tastes amazing, Mike needs a bit more from his night in the alley. He bends over and begs Pierce to finger his hungry hole. Pierce happily obliges and after applying plenty of lube on his gloved hand, he’s soon five fingers deep inside Mike’s ass.

Watch the full scene of “Fistin Alley” at Club Inferno Dungeon

Watch the full scene with Mike Tanner and Pierce Paris at Club Inferno Dungeon


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog December 29, 2017

    Taken to the edge!

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