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Mason Lear gets two doses of cum from Austin Wolf in “Private Practice” part 5 from Hot House

Hot House released part 5 of “Private Practice” the new movie from director Nick Foxx. To save his job from a downsize, Mason Lear offers up his hairy ass for Doctor Austin Wolf to plow. The doctor happily plunges into his nurse’s hole and gives Mason two doses of cum to swallow. . When you arrive in this ‘Private Practice’ the professional line between doctors, nurses, interns, and patients is severely blurred with even one wayward glance. Once that line is crossed, there’s no turning back.

“The next time you visit a ‘Private Practice’, keep your mind open and your cock handy in case a hot doctor or a hunky nurse decides to make a move while checking your vital signs”

Cast: Ace EraAustin WolfCarlos LindoDerek BoltJJ KnightJosh ConnersMason LearPierce ParisSean Maygers and Sean Zevran

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Mason Lear learns that his job at the clinic is on the line when Doctor Austin Wolf advises him of a possible downsize at the clinic. Eager to go that extra mile, Mason instantly gets on his knees and unzips Austin’s bulging pants. Austin needs to know what Mason’s ass tastes and feels like and throws the nurse over the exam table to quench his curiosities. Austin gets deep inside Mason’s hairy butt with his mouth and fingers and munches and probes until Mason is ready for entry. After Mason begs for a dick up his ass, Austin stands up and slowly slides his monster cock deep into his nurse.

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Mason loves the feeling of the doctor plowing his hole and the deeper Austin goes, the further back Mason’s eyes roll. Both studs are dripping with sweat as the doctor unloads his cock and dumps a load into Mason’s mouth. The taste of the doctor dripping from his lips is all it takes for Mason to unload. The nurse squirts his load onto his hairy abs just as the doctor dumps a second batch of medicine into Mason’s still wide-open, overflowing mouth.

Watch the full scene of “Private Practice” part 5 at Hot House


Watch the full scene with Mason Lear and Austin Wolf at Hot House


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog December 22, 2017

    Damn Mason Lear’s looking pretty Damn good on the receiving end of Austin Wolf’s dick.

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