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Lucas Leon gets fucked doggy style by Ty Mitchell in “Rub and Fuck” from Guys in Sweatpants

Guys in Sweatpants released “Rub and Fuck” today. If anyone’s interested in a well-trained massage, followed by a nice ass eating and hot, raw, fucking, Ty Mitchell is your man! There’s no better way to get your bottom loosened up than relaxing him with a massage, then shoving your face in his ass. It’s even better when that ass is a beautiful as Lucas Leon‘.

Once Lucas’ ass is nice and lubed up, Ty pulls him towards him by his hips into the doggy style position, spits on his cock, then slides himself into his perfect hole. The look on Lucas’ face as he’s getting plowed should be award-winning in itself. Ty’s topping skills are right up there with his amazing bottoming skills…as he power fucks Lucas. They finish each other off with Lucas on his back and Ty slamming his hole. Ty fucks him so hard and good that his load is exploding out as his pulls out mid-fuck, all over Lucas’ muscular body!

Watch the full scene of “Rub and Fuck” at Guys in Sweatpants


Watch the full scene with Ty Mitchell and Lucas Leon


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