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James Oakleigh and Luka Sage in “The Big Tool” part 2 at Club Inferno Dungeon

Club Inferno Dungeon released part 2 from “The Big Tool” today. Luka Sage just finished getting his hole stretched by James Oakleigh and now James wants Luka to blow his hole out. Luka is ready to go when he gives James a preview of pleasure by getting down to suck his hard, uncut cock. Luka’s uses his mouth to work his way up and down James’ giant sack and into his smooth hole.

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Luka gets it nice and opened up before he slides his cock inside James. He pumps away until James begs for Luka’s fist, which Luka is more than happy to provide. Luka slips on his gloves and lubes up before slowly working his fingers inside James’ crevice to warm him up before his entire hand gets stuffed inside. He alternates fists, going in and out of James’ sloppy, gaping hole.

Luka goes wrist deep and then picks up the pace to fist-punch James until his rosebud protrudes from his asshole. James wants even more when he squats down to ride Luka’s fist up and down. All the hole stretching has made James’ cock hard and ready to blow when he lies back to drain his balls all over his tight, smooth body.

Watch the full scene of “The Big Tool” at Club Inferno Dungeon


Watch the full scene with Luka Sage and James Oakleigh at Club Inferno Dungeon


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