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Dirty Scout #130 : He had some reservations about the stuff I asked, but still we had a great time

Dirty Scout #130 : I have never fucked an army man. This young boy was my first. He wasn’t a typical foot soldier but a fancy IT specialist. He did mostly some analytical and encryption stuff but still… He was a soldier! I wanted to fuck that blonde bitch so much! The guy had a really good qualification so I had to give him basically the best job I had available in his field of interest.

And I had to pray for him to be broke. It was my lucky day! Our boy was way too picky with jobs offers in the past months so his savings run out. He was grateful for every extra Crown I offered him. He had some reservations about the stuff I asked for in return but still we had a great time. I think the guy was really horny from living alone and didn’t mind letting some steam off, be it with a girl or with a pervert like me.


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