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Andy Star makes sure Dario Beck gets a star treatment in “Pure Suit” from Men at Play

Men at Play released “Pure Suit” today. Those of us who lust over immaculate suits and the men who wear them cannot abide the slightest stain on a suit. A handsome, sexy man sporting a well-made suit can make cocks hard as cement. Andy Star knows this, so when Dario Beck visits Andy’s dry cleaners to complain about shoddy cleaning, Andy is more than happy to fulfill Dario’s request, but for a special fee.

Puresuit Revival is essential viewing for suitsex purists who like to see dapper suits fondled, ripped, and spunked. And it gives us something we’ve never seen on the site before—Andy Star as a top. We know Andy is a greedy bottom, but he’s also a hard-pounding top. After Dario flashes Andy his cock in the dry cleaners, Andy hits the floor and gets to work sucking Dario’s thick cock, using his silk tie for added enjoyment. After giving Dario’s shoes a raunchy shine with his tongue, Andy takes the lead, bends Dario over, and drills Dario’s ass with his tongue before he slides his cock up Dario’s open hole.

Good customer service is rare these days, but Andy makes sure Dario gets star treatment, complete with a heavy cum shot on his tie. If you’re in the mood for classic suitsex featuring two knock-out studs, click play and watch Puresuit Revival.

Watch the full scene of “Pure Suit” at Men at Play


Watch th full scen with Andy Star and Dario Beck at men at play


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