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Jaxton Wheeler fucks Conner Mason’s tight ass in “The Deck Hand” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios released “The Deck Hand” today. Conner Mason cleans Jaxton Wheeler‘s boat every weekend but this time he just isn’t that into it and is being really lazy. Thinking that Jaxton has gone into town for supplies he is kicking back enjoying cold water. Jaxton comes back early and sees Conner not working.

He sneaks up on him and takes him back to the workshop where he has Conner clean his pipes. Conner loves to blow his boss and that’s one of the reasons he will slack off. Conner is down on his knees worshipping Jaxton’s big hard cock sucking and licking every inch of it until Jaxton pushes him up against the work bench and spreads his ass open wide and buries his face deep between those big smooth butt cheeks.

Jaxton rims Conner so dam well and once his ass is lubed up with spit Jaxton pushes his throbbing cock deep into Conner’s tight little ass. Conner can take it as Jaxton thrusts deep into his hole pumping and fucking him all over the workshop. Jaxton lays Conner on the cold ground and fucks him until they both cum all over the place making for a great workday.

Watch the full scene of “The Deck Hand” at Pride Studios

Watch the full scene with Conner Mason and Jaxton Wheeler at Pride Studios


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