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Zack Hunter and William Seed in “Hide and Seek“ part 2 at

Gay porn mega site released the second scene from their mini-series, called “Hide and Seek“ After being used by the first hot jock (Ryan Bones), this dirty bottom (Zack Hunter) is ready for seconds. He’s fucked hard by the other muscle top (William Seed) having a better day than he could’ve ever imagined. After William is done with him, he finds a peeping neighbour (Will Braun) in his closet…looks like the fun isn’t over yet..stay tuned!

Watch the full scene of “Hide and Seek“ part 2 at  You can Try for only $1 a day


Watch the full scene with Zack Hunter and William Seed at


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog June 17, 2017

    And Will Braun was a hot bonus fuck!

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