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Mormon Boyz : Elder Zachary Chapters 4 & 5 – Disciplinary Action / Second Anointing

Mormon Boyz released “Elder Zachary : Chapter 4 – Disciplinary Action” and “Chapter 5 – Second Anointing” today. Elder Zachary’s story is continued as he meets again with the very handsome and muscular President Lee. Elder Zachary has proven that he will blindly do what the Order commands of him–even literally!

Chapter 4 : Disciplinary Action
For most Mormon boys, having sex outside the narrowly prescribed bonds of marriage is strictly forbidden and enough to get you banned from your mission. For those entering the Higher Priesthood of the Order, punishment is handled differently. When the Brethren became aware of Elder Zachary’s unauthorized sexual activity, they knew they had to step in and teach him a lesson. As such, the powerful and intense muscle daddy, President Lee, called the boy in for a special disciplinary session. Zachary didn’t know what to expect, especially once he was blindfolded and bound! He submitted to the older man’s desires, stripping down, getting fondled, even taking his hard, raw cock up his ass!


Watch the full scene with Elder Zachary and President Lee at Mormon Boyz

Chapter 5 : Second Anointing
Elder Zachary’s insatiable curiosity and eagerness to explore has made him a favorite of the Brethren. For President Lee, the boy’s willingness to submit to him completely has proven his dedication to the Order’s mission. As a reward, the muscle daddy leader has decided to give Elder Zachary the elusive Second Anointing, a rare, sacred ceremony saved for the most worthy of recruits. For Zachary, this is a great honor to be elevated in the eyes of the Brethren, but also another chance to get fucked by his handsome mentor!


Watch the full scene with Elder Zachary, Bishop Gibson and President Lee at Mormon Boyz


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