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Johnny V & Josh Conners find each other in a dark part of a club in “Get Lit” part 2 from Hot House

Hot House released part two of their new series “Get Lit”. Nick Foxx directs this neo-sexual feast starring the horny men of Hot House in ‘Get Lit’. This erotic setting and its youthful inhabitants swallow dick, eat ass, and fuck in a whole new way. In ‘Get Lit’, the sexual play space of the not-so-far-off future has evolved into spectacular setting where the sex is extraordinary. Take a journey into the ultra-modern, sleek sex club with stunning men who take fucking to another level. Johnny V and Josh Conners find each other in a dark part of the sex club and head to the sling. Johnny plows Josh with his vein-popping cock and leaves the stud as a sticky, panting mess.

Cast: Micah BrandtRyan RoseAustin WolfSkyy KnoxSergeant MilesJohnny VJosh ConnersBeaux Banks and Roman Todd

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In a sleek sex club of the not-so-far-off future, Johnny V and Josh Conners meet as silhouettes in the door. As their mouths find each other, their natural instincts kick in and their hard cocks lead the way to a room with a sling. Josh is cock hungry and drops to his knees to service the mighty stud in front of him. Josh gets Johnny’s vein-popping cock as hard and sloppy as it can get before he bends over the sling and offers up a place for Johnny’s cock to spend some time. Johnny is more than happy to see what Josh feels like from the inside and slams his cock into the horny stud’s asshole. Johnny pounds away, making Josh grunt every time the swollen cock enters his open hole…

coming up in “Get Lit” part 3

Josh wants to let Johnny use his body in any way he wants and lies back in the sling with his legs spread wide for maximum penetration. Johnny’s big dangling balls slap on Josh’s skin with every thrust from his ripped pelvis. The constant, steady pummeling is enough for Josh to let loose. With Johnny still pounding his throbbing hole, Josh’s cock erupts and leaves his ripped stomach covered with a thick load. Josh’s pleasure is all it takes for Johnny to pull out and add to the mix of dripping cum. With his job done, Johnny turns and walks away, leaving Josh soaked in the loads of the two hung studs.

Watch the full scene of “Get Lit” part 2 at Hot House


Watch the full scene with Johnny V and Josh Conners at Hot House


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog January 4, 2018

    Fucking perfection!

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