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Fernando Del Rio gets fucked hard by Lex Sabre in “Can You Take It All” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios released “Can You Take It All” today. Fernando Del Rio has brought Lex Sabre to his play space and Lex questions him as to whether or not he can really take all that he has to offer. Fernando assures him he can and Lex pulls out his cock. At first he is soft, but it is still very large. As Fernando sucks his cock, it grows and grows and grows to its full nine inch glory!

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Fernando does his best to deep throat all of but struggles a bit. Lex then bends him over and rims his ass and plays with his geech piercing as well. He then begins to fuck him slowly at first and once Fernando’s ass has taken all of his cock he thrusts longer and harder. He pulls it all the way out and back in and with each thrust Fernando groans in delight. Lex then flips him on his back and fucks him until Fernando shoots his load onto his hairy stomach. Lex pulls out and shoots his load onto Fernando.

Watch the full scene of “Can You Take It All” at Pride Studios


Watch the full scene with Fernando Del Rio and Lex Sabre at Pride Studios


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog February 1, 2018

    Lex Sabre and Fernando Del Rio make this scene rock!

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