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Muscle hunks Beaux Banks, JJ Knight and Nick Sterling in “Gear Play” part 5 from Hot House

Go hard or go home at Hot House! These nine horny athletes from three different sports love to suck and fuck in their gear! Sit back and watch their ‘Gear Play’ as they peel off sweaty jockstraps, get their balls played, show off their dripping muscles, and blow off steam from rough games and long, hard practices for their coach/director Nick Foxx. Catcher Beaux Banks gets railed by starting pitcher, Nick Sterling, as JJ Knight gets his baseball-bat-sized cock sucked by Beaux. JJ steps in as the relief pitcher and fucks both young jocks until Beaux’s lips and beard are dripping with cum.

“No matter what sport you favor, you’ll love our sweaty jocks and hung studs who fill their cups to the limit. Gaze on as they work their ripped muscles in stiff competition, and enjoy cocks, ass and flesh with all the ‘Gear Play’ you can handle”

Cast: Micah BrandtRyan RoseAustin WolfSkyy KnoxSergeant MilesJohnny VJosh ConnersBeaux Banks and Roman Todd

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Catcher Beaux Banks gets between his teammates, JJ Knight and Nick Sterling, as they all make out and rub rock-hard body against rock-hard body. JJ can see that Nick wants to sample a bit of everything on the field and lifts Beaux up to spread his cheeks apart. This gives Nick access to both JJ’s big, hard dick and Beaux’s tight, smooth ass and he goes to town licking and sucking on both hot studs. The players can’t keep their mouths off each other and form a rimming chain with Nick as the lucky one in the middle. The overload of sensations is amazing for Nick and soon he’s hard and ready to fuck. He bends Beaux over and as the starting pitcher, slides his bat deep into the fit, toned jock…..

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Beaux takes every inch as he sucks on JJ’s massive cock. JJ needs an ass around his dick and bends Nick over to become the relief pitcher. Nick gets pounded long and hard with his face buried in Beaux’s ass as JJ destroys his hole from behind. After watching Nick get pummeled, Beaux needs to take a spin on JJ’s cock. He spreads his legs wide to let JJ deep inside while he sucks on Nick’s throbbing boner. The studs keep a steady pace on their catcher until both JJ and Nick douse Beaux’s face with their hot, juicy loads. With the taste of both pitchers dripping from his beard, Beaux covers the grass with his own brand of white, sticky fertilizer.

Watch the full scene of ‘Gear Play’ part 5 at Hot House


Watch the full scene with Beaux Banks, JJ Knight and Nick Sterling at Hot House


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