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Hot hunk Ashton Summers teases Sean Ford’s hole with his big cock at CockyBoys

CockyBoys today : Sean Ford isn’t a morning person, but thanks to Ashton Summers he learns to appreciate how good morning sex can be! A sleepy Sean is slowly aroused by playfully horny Ashton’s kisses on his neck and body and is fully hard when they kiss and Ashton dry humps him through their underwear. After Ashton slips Sean’s cock and balls out of his undies for a taste test, he kisses him again while Sean slides Ashton’s underwear down to let out his raging hard cock.

Ashton teases Sean’s hole with his cock and mouth but soon he’s inside Sean and going from slow deep thrusts to full on fucking the breathless bottom. And as they go on they’re more connected, kissing passionately and their bodies pressed tightly together. When Ashton takes a break from fucking, Sean is steps up to suck his cock and worship his ripped body and ask to be fucked in his favorite position: doggy style.

He tells Ashton how he likes it and they’re quickly in total sync and again physically one. Sean wants to ride Ashton but he takes a minor detour with more worshipful making out with his lips and body. When he gets on top and rides Ashton’s cock Sean is doesn’t stop or slow down even as Ashton thrusts up into him.

Naturally and effortlessly Sean cums and milks out a thick load over Ashton’s torso and keeps riding his cock until Ashton is ready. He dismounts and kisses his body and Ashton shoots his load, spent and speechless as Sean tells him sweetly, “Thanks for waking me up this way.”

Watch the full scene with Sean Ford and Ashton Summers at CockyBoys


Watch the full scene with Sean Ford and Ashton Summers at CockyBoys


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