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Young Perps Case No.1809043-01 : He shoves his cock up this straight perp’s virgin ass

Young Perps released ‘Case No.1809043-01’ today. When a virgin is caught shoplifting jewelry for his girlfriend, our pervy new security guard decides to take matters into his own hands… and steal the boy’s virginity in return! This episode of YoungPerps brings you a handsome, uncooperative Asian boy who was detained and questioned by security, then forced to strip down to his underwear. Upon further questioning, our guard finds the jewelry, which prompts the boy to admit that he was stealing in hopes of losing his virginity!

The sexy officer knows exactly what to do, and shoves his cock up this straight perp’s tight, virgin ass — giving him exactly what he wanted! This thief is coerced into sucking dick, riding cock, and taking the guard’s thick, juicy load up his virgin ass before he’s allowed to leave the store. Looks like the only gift this perp can give to his girlfriend is a stretched hole full of cum… and his newfound manhood!


Watch the full scene of ‘Case No.1809043-01’ at Young Perps


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