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Young Perps – Case No.1804027-89 : He has to suck cock to avoid an even harsher punishment!

Young Perps released ‘Case No.1804027-89’ today. This young man frequents the same place time and time again, always noticing the tip jar of the staff is rarely attended. It seems like it’s just begging for someone to take it, so why not him? The first time he grabbed a couple bucks, nothing too drastic. But it seemed again and again he could get away with it and pay no consequence.

That is until his crimes finally caught up with him and he had to pay it back with interest! The Loss Prevention Officer’s not looking to confiscate a wad of money, he wants him to pay through the ass! This dumb straight guy gets down on his knees and sucks the officer’s cock in order to avoid an even harsher punishment!

Watch the full scene of ‘Case No.1804027-89’ at Young Perps


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