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Viktor Rom dominates Joaquin Santana in “Fag Fuckers” part 3 from Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment released part 3 from their new movie “Fag Fuckers” today. If Tomas Brand is the reigning King of All Muscle Daddies, then Viktor Rom is easily the reigning King of All Alpha Tops. This guy loves a tender little boy hole to shove his battering ram of an uncut cock into.

Because Viktor, after all, treats his bottoms like his own warm fuck holes, and the very thought of that gives the twink Latin boy Joaquin Santana a raging hard-on. Viktor demands that his bottoms behave like submissive little fags while servicing him orally and anally, so it sounds like Joaquin has met the man of his dreams!

Watch the full scene of “Fag Fuckers” part 3 at Lucas Entertainment

Watch the full scene with Victor Romm and Joaquin Santana at Lucas Entertainment


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