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Viktor Rom, Mario Domenech, Alex Kof, Alejandro Castillo and Jacen Zhu at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment has released a new and hot orgy scene today. There’s a lot of work going on around the farm: Viktor Rom, Mario Domenech, and Alex Kof are hard at work making repairs to the equipment. Alejandro Castillo brings Jacen Zhu over to the equipment garage to offer everyone some water. But it’s his throat and ass the guys are interested in, and each guy gets his turn with Jacen. At 4:50 you can see Jacen working on all of the uncut cocks as he gets his ass licked. And at 7:45 the fucking begins with Alex raw-dogging Jacen while he makes out with Alejandro and Mario sucks his hard-on. Viktor is close behind to be the second to plow Jacen bareback. 

Watch more of Viktor Rom, Mario Domenech and Alex Kof at Lucas Entertainment


Watch more of Viktor Rom, Alejandro Castillo and Jacen Zhu at Lucas Entertainment at Lucas Entertainment

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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog January 7, 2017

    Just hearing Jacen Zhu moan as he sucking and getting fucked by this man train makes me the fuck hard to join in.

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