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Troy Accola explodes all over Levi Karter’s torso in “Love, Lost & Found” part 2 from CockyBoys

CockyBoys released “Love, Lost & Found” part 2 today. The fun continues in sunny Mexico…except for recently single Sean Ford who sits it out, still mooning and moping over the ex-beau he left behind. It’s enough for his friends Taylor Reign and Cory Kane to just let him be as they renew the spark in their relationship.

Meanwhile long distance boyfriends Troy Accola and Jacen Zhu are happy to reconnect in Mexico, but they have their sights set on couple Allen King and Levi Karter. Fortunately they’re not interested in the same guy! Troy and Levi easily make a connection at the seashore and excitedly take their mutual attraction back to the hotel. The affection for each other starts the second they fall into each other’s arms and kiss ..and it never subsides.

Troy can’t get over the beauty he sees as Levi gets him naked and gives his cock the deep sucking action he craves and Troy responds with the same eager sucking and lovingly dabbles his tongue and lips in his crack. Levi slides down on Troy’s long, hard cock and rides him every which way as their mutual affection grows intense. Troy turns and takes Levi on his back, literally turning up the heat so that he has to open the sliding doors!

He also wants Levi inside him and Levi grabs the moment to pounds him from behind. The chair proves too small for them and Levi takes Troy to bed to rim the limber lad and fuck him with breathless passion. Troy explodes all over his taut torso and Levi keeps pounding every drop out of him until seconds later he shoots a geyser all over him. As they kiss in a state of post-sex euphoria Troy ponders if Jacen & Allen are having as much fun responds confidently. ” I don’t think that’s possible.” We’ll see…

Watch the full scene of “Love, Lost & Found” part 2 at CockyBoys

Watch the full scene with Levi Karter and Troy Accola at CockyBoys


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