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Trent Ferris is fucked by his stepdad Alexy Tyler at Pride Studios

Pride Studios released “Trent Is Punished” today. Trent Ferris is asking his stepdad Alexy Tyler if he can go out with friends to party for the night. Alexy reminds him that he is still grounded for the next few days and he is not allowed to go party at all unless he grabs him a nice cold beer. Trent grabs Alexy a brew but Alexy has one more request which is that he now has to blow him.

Trent isn’t happy about it but he will do anything to go out and party tonight. Trent gets on his knees and blows Alexy’s awaiting huge hard cock. As he pounds his beer he face fucks Trent’s soft young mouth. Alexy is horny and ready to blow that young dick. Trent stands up and now Alexy is on his knees enjoying Trent’s hard cock. Alexy pushes him over and spreads his small and round ass wide to reveal his beautiful tight hole. Instantly Alexy dives face in rimming his smooth ass deep with his wet tongue.

Trent’s ass is lubed up with lots of spit as Alexy pushes his throbbing hard cock into Trent’s young tight ass. His ass takes it all in balls deep feeling the throbbing from Alexy as he is punished from behind. Trent loves his stepdads cock even though he acts like he doesn’t. Alexy finishes off by fucking Trents little hole in a couple more positions until he sees that Trent’s about to blow his load. He flips on to his back and lets Trent cum all over his face and then he feeds Trent his cock while cumming in his mouth.

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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog January 12, 2017

    Trent Ferris is rocking step dad Alexander Tyler!

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