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Tegan Zayne takes a pounding from Eddy Ceetee in “TSA Checkpoint” part 2 from Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion ‘s new and hot movie is called “TSA Checkpoint”. This movie from the hands of Steve Cruze has 6 hot scenes and the hottest hunks. Tegan Zayne is heading home for spring break and decides to take a nap in the air lounge. When hot daddy pilot, Eddy Ceetee, enters the lounge Tegan is no longer tired and goes straight for Eddy’s cockpit before getting his hairy asshole filled with dick.

“Traveling no longer has be a drag at the airport. Forget the lines and the delays, because when you hit the ‘TSA Checkpoint’ you might just get a hunky agent making you hard in a pat-down or a cock up your ass in a cavity search. Sit back and let passengers, employees, and Federal Agents make sure that your loaded weapon is safe for travel!”

Cast :  Rikk YorkDaymin VossTegan ZayneEddy CeeteeAleks BuldocekLorenzo FlexxBuck RichardsTrent KingAlex MecumDerek Bolt and Teddy Torres 


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Tegan Zayne is traveling home to see some family for spring break when he decides to sneak into the air lounge to take a nap. Luckily for him, hot daddy pilot, Eddy Ceetee, is on his break and suddenly Tegan is no longer tired. The two studs make some frivolous small talk and then cut to the chase by making out and helping themselves out of their clothes. Tegan can’t believe his luck and goes right for the cockpit when he gets the pilot’s thick hairy rod down his open throat. Tegan gags and slobbers as the hairy muscle daddy fucks his face to get as stiff as he possibly can. Eddy is ready for the next step and bends Tegan over the lounge couch to eat his hairy ass. Eddy gets Tegan opened up and ready for dick and then slides his massive meat deep into the college dude….

Coming up in “TSA Checkpoint” part 3

Tegan takes a long and frenzied pounding before he decides he wants to get fucked deeper. He hops on top of Eddy and goes balls deep riding the hung pilot as Tegan’s big hairy cock and balls swing up and down. Eddy hits all the right spots and soon Tegan is spraying his massive load all over everything within a three-foot radius. Eddy can’t control himself any longer and stands above the used-up ticket holder and dumps a thick load of jizz all over Tegan’s beard and face. Does fucking the pilot in an airport now make Tegan a member of the Mile-High Club?

Watch the full scene of “TSA Checkpoint” part 2 at Raging Stallion

Watch the full scene with Tegan Zayne and Eddy Ceetee at Raging Stallion


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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog November 18, 2017

    Super Hot fuckers!

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