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Tegan Zayne works Alex Mecum’s cock with his expert mouth at CockyBoys

This week, CockyBoys presents a new scene with CockyBoys hunks Alex Mecum and Tegan Zayne. When you think of the words Power Top and Power Bottom, Alex and Tegan definitely come to mind. They both are very sexual men that ooze heat and passion. So pairing them together gives us several moments of heart stopping breathlessness. Tegan and Alex already have amazing chemistry with their other scene partners but together they do take it to another level.

Tegan teasing Alex with his words, breath and touch is intense as Alex seems like putty in his hands. But Alex turns the tables on him and works hard to drive him into the same frenzy Tegan gave him. So with a mix of multiple positions, intense chemistry and frenzied passion, Alex and Tegan enjoy some huge fireworks! We know this won’t be the last time these two will have fun together! Cheers for more!!!

Watch more of Tegan Zayne and Alex Mecum at CockyBoys

Watch more of Tegan Zayne and Alex Mecum at CockyBoys

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