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Devin Franco, Dakota Payne, and Shawn Reeve in “Lets Romp” from Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment released a bonus scene today and it’s called “Lets Romp“. Devin Franco finally receives a package in the mail he’s been excitedly waiting for. He ordered rompers online for him and his fuck buddies Dakota Payne and Shawn Reeve to wear during their visit to New York City. Dakota is into it, but it takes Shawn some coaxing to finally put the pop-culture garment on. Regardless, they all wear the rompers and spend the afternoon out and about in city before returning home.

All right, Devin got what he wanted and everyone wore the rompers. Now it’s time for Shawn to get what he wants: for them all to take the outfits off and have a hot bareback threesome. And amidst the sucking, rimming and fucking, Shawn breaks out his collection of toys and uses them on the very eager holes of Devin Franco and Dakota Payne. And now that he’s all loosened up, Devin and Shawn go as far as double-penetrating Dakota!

Watch the full scene of “Lets Romp” at Lucas Entertainment

Watch the full scene of “Lets Romp” at Lucas Entertainment


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