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Sean Duran starts fucking Aston Springs hard and deep in “Artistic Ass” at Pride Studios

Pride Studios released “Artistic Ass” today. Aston Springs and Sean Duran are in their bedroom and Aston is showing him the new photographs he purchased of a naked man and his beautiful ass. Sean is concerned on where they will hang them in the house. Once they agree, Sean says he would rather see Aston’s ass over the photographs and with that he pulls down his pants and Sean starts eating Aston’s beautiful ass.

Once they are out of their clothes, Aston sits on Sean’s face and he gets his ass rimmed deeper and sucks Sean’s big cock. Sean then starts fucking Aston hard and deep. They fuck in several positions on the bed and Aston ends riding Sean’s thick cock until he cannot hold back and shoots his load. Sean then blasts his load all over Aston.

Watch the full scene of “Artistic Ass” at Pride Studios

Watch the full scene with Sean Duran and Aston Springs at Pride Studios


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