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Scotty Zee finds himself a victim of Dalton Briggs’ huge cock at Next Door Studios

Next Door Studios released “Fictional Fuck‘” today. A young struggling writer of gay erotica, Scotty Zee, finds himself a victim of writers’ block as he desperately searches for his perfect character. No sure of what it is he is inspired to write about, we walk through his mind as he works to develop this sexy fictional character, Dalton Briggs, whom we witness Scotty’s passion and lust for as he falls in love with his eighteenth-century character. A story of one’s passion for their craft and a fulfillment of one’s fantasy.

The fictional character, Dalton, is a studly example of Scotty’s sexual desire he has locked so deeply within his mind as Dalton begins his written seduction. Filled with chemistry, passion, intimacy, and overwhelming lust; we see these two sexy men transpire into a steamy hot and intimate fuck session as Dalton shows Scotty just how big his dick really is and how good it feels. Filled with lip to lip action, oral exploration of every inch of their bodies, you will quickly find yourself lost in this fantasy world with the guys as you find release from your deepest pent up desires.

Watch more of Scotty Zee and Dalton Briggs at Next Door Studios

Watch more of Scotty Zee and Dalton Briggs at Next Door Studios

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  1. Darkhog
    Darkhog February 12, 2017

    Writer’s block Scotty Zee’s ass! Dalton Briggs’ gonna keep him from ever being blocked again!

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