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Rod Pederson shoots his load all over Cris Knight in “Can You Train Me” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios released “Can You Train Me” today. Cris Knight follow’s Rod Pederson into the locker room and is interested in possibly hiring him as his trainer. Rod tells him that he specializes in men who are maturing and tells him that people are surprised when they find out that he is 31. Rod checks out Cris’s physique and asks him areas he wants to improve on.

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Cris tells him he wants a firmer ass and Rob grabs it and tells him he likes what he feels. Soon they are kissing and groping each other’s cocks. Cris sucks Rod first on his knees and then Rod sucks Cris while he lies on the bench. Rod then has Cris bend over and he rims his ass before fucking him in three positions. Cris cums while Rod fucks him and then Rod shoots his load all over Cris.

Watch the full scene of “Can You Train Me” at Pride Studios

Watch the full scene with Rod Pederson and Cris Knight at Pride Studios


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