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Orson Deane and Miller Axton flip fucked each other all over the bed at Guys in Sweatpants

Guys in Sweatpants released “Vers Boys Have More Fun” today. I heard these two had been chatting on social media about hooking up, so when I found out Orson Deane was traveling to the States from London, I knew we had to make it happen. All the sexual tension they built up after weeks of sexting was too much because Miller Axton showed up to Orson’s hotel, and they were in bed ripping each other’s clothes off within minutes.

They licked and suck every inch of each other before they flip fucked each other all over the bed. Miller’s 9″ cock was almost too much for Orson at first, but once it was all the way in, Miller pounded his perfect hole real nice. If you can make it until they cum, keep watching because they keep on fucking– that’s how good it is! Simply put: this is hot, passionate, and real fucking at its finest

Watch the full scene of “Vers Boys Have More Fun” at Guys in Sweatpants

Watch the full scene with Orson Deane and Miller Axton at Guys in Sweatpants


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